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We're Jeff & Brittany, two wine-loving travelers (or travel-loving wine-Os depending on the day!) and here you'll find the ins and outs of our journey. We share our best travel tips and must see locations, under the radar wines, hidden restaurants, and hints to taste wine like a pro across the globe. So, fellow Vino Vagabond, grab a glass (or two) and lets hit the road! Cheers!

Puerto Madero by Night

Puerto Madero by Night


Since we had such a  great time in Puerto Madero during the day, we decided to check out the night life.  We'd heard a lot about the hip, asian inspired restaurant /nightclub called Asia de Cuba and wanted to check it out ourselves.    


When we arrived around 1 am, the hipster staff gave us the once over and  "allowed' us to pass though the doors to the host stand where they attempted to charge us $150 AR (about $40 US) each just to get in.  Apparently if you know someone, the cover charge is negotiable, but we didn't, so our only option was to hightail it somewhere cheaper.      

We found a bar called 'Deep Blue' where they had pool tables and music videos playing on large projector screens. We got some beers and a meat and cheese plate, complete with chopped up hotdogs, and started to have a pretty great time!    


After an hour or so, a group of about 80 people walked in, had shots waiting for them at the bar, and seemed to be having a pretty sweet party. We learned they were all a part of the 'Buenos Aires Pub Crawl' , and decided immediately to sign up for the next one in Puerto Madero.   

A few days later, as official Pub Crawlers ourselves, we met at a nearby park and were greeted with pizza, beer and vino tinto.   


We spent an hour chatting with people from Russia, New Zealand, Illinois and Brazil, before re-grouping and heading to our first bar. We piled into the small space, grabbed our waiting shots, and following Pub Crawl rules, yelled 'Salud' to the bartender at the top of our lungs.    


I spoke some Spanish to a 19 yr. old high school student studying kinesthesiology in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Britt had a rather interesting conversation with a young Porteno about his unfortunate experience with a transvestite...not your usual small talk!   

We left an hour later to go to 'Deep Blue', where we had been exactly a week before. During our walk, we were accompanied by two dogs that seemed interested and acted as our unofficial tour guides. They slept in front of each bar while we drank, and at one point, a well-intentioned woman checked the dog's pulse to make sure it was alive!    


After two more shots and big "saluds" we were ready for the dance club.  As part of the Pub Crawl crew, we jumped in front of the line at Club Acqua and danced to mostly Raggaeton and Electronic music.   


Over all, a killer bar-hop, lots of alcohol and a great way to meet interesting people from all over the world. Many thanks to Dustin, Jasmin and everyone at Pub Crawl Buenos Aires!
We Get Around

We Get Around

Puerto Madero by Day

Puerto Madero by Day