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We're Jeff & Brittany, two wine-loving travelers (or travel-loving wine-Os depending on the day!) and here you'll find the ins and outs of our journey. We share our best travel tips and must see locations, under the radar wines, hidden restaurants, and hints to taste wine like a pro across the globe. So, fellow Vino Vagabond, grab a glass (or two) and lets hit the road! Cheers!

The 7-Link-a-thon for Vino Vagabonds

The 7-Link-a-thon for Vino Vagabonds


This 7-link idea, while great for connecting people, reminds me of the chain emails people used to send out in the 90's...only this idea is way cooler. You get a lot more bang for your click than: answer these questions so that 15 of your friends will know you better or forward this email to all of your friends or someone in your family will die. Seriously though, this has been a really fun look back on the amazing things we have done over the last six months of travelling, and we hope you like the posts we've selected. Now let's begin:


Most Beautiful Post: Through the Looking Glass- Reflections at Recoleta Cemetary

This post was a close tie with our hiking trip to Bariloche, but there was just something so hauntingly beautiful about the maze of tombs lining the paths at the Recoleta Cemetary. We took tons of pictures during our visit, but this particular photo was at an ideal angle between two tombs and captured the unique elements of both. Each time we look at this photo, we're struck again by its heavy stillness and beauty.  


Most Popular Post: The Definitive Guide to Wine Tasting in Mendoza

Renting a car in Argentina is a brave undertaking in itself, but trying to locate specific vineyards amongst the vast wine region of Mendoza redefines difficult. Nonetheless, we learned a lot and thought it would be interesting to make light of all of the frustrating things that happened so hopefully our readers don't make the same mistakes.

As it turns out, we weren't the only ones battling our way through a day in Mendoza wine tasting, and a lot of people seemed to relate.


Most Controversial Post: Move Over Franzia...France is Boxing Wine!

The title of this post sounds more like an expose than an informative post, but we just couldn't help but write about the prevalence of boxed wine sold in France. This was an interesting discovery because most of the boxed wine in the States is considered low-quality, swill, but cubis, as they're called in France, are actually very good.

It's especially controversial for us since most people in the States, especially those who consider themselves connoisseurs, wouldn't dare drink from a box. By writing this post in favor of boxed wine, we not only put our credibility as wine professionals on the line, but went against what most of our fellow wine-lovers hold as fact.


Most Helpful Post: Favorite Travel Bloggers and Resources

The only thing that makes travelling the world even better is encouraging others to do the same thing! Before we left South America, we compiled a list of all of the travel blogs and resources that helped us get started on our journey. Now that we are travelling across Europe, we have been updating this list as we discover other helpful resources.


Post Whose Success Surprised Us: Britt's First Impressions of France

This was a spur-of-the-moment post Britt decided to put up when she was feeling particularly goofy one afternoon. She had never been to France before this trip, so there were a lot of things that struck her and contradicted the images she'd held previously. Surprisingly, people loved it and connected with her straight-forward, personal impression of this baguette and wine-crazed land!


Post that Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved: Graffiti in Buenos Aires

We were intrigued by the level of social activism in Buenos Aires, mostly in the form of graffiti, and wanted to share these cultural observations. For us, it was a welcome departure  from the wine/interest-based posts we usually put up, but unfortunately, barely anyone read it. We honestly got more visits when Brittany cut her hair!


Post(s) Most Proud Of: Behind the Vine Interview Series

During our travels we have been fortunate to meet so many young professionals, like ourselves, who are passionate and knowledgable about wine. Each of them are revolutionizing the future of the wine industry in their own way, and we wanted to showcase these dynamic individuals and what they're doing. The only way to do this correctly was to let them explain it in their own words and through their own experiences.


So, there you have it! Many thanks to tripbase for getting this ever-growing community of travel bloggers together to share great moments in travel history! We would also like to thank Ashley of No Onions Extra Pickles for personally inviting us to participate .

We will be passing the 7-Link torch to Foodie International.

Six Month Progress Report and What's Next

Six Month Progress Report and What's Next

Behind the Vine Interview: Julia Gazaniol of Chateau de Parenchere

Behind the Vine Interview: Julia Gazaniol of Chateau de Parenchere