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Leave Your Baggage Behind...and Save Money!

Leave Your Baggage Behind...and Save Money!


No, I'm not talking about releasing memories of old boyfriends or daddy issues, I'm talking about Lugless, an innovative new company, that ships traveler's excess luggage from one destination to the next.

Aside from being a tiresome, pain-in-the-butt, lugging all your worldly belongings from place to place can actually be dangerous. For example, finding a hostel in a new city at midnight is never fun, but toting electronics, passports and cash-money-bling in an overstuffed duffel-bag and backpack that scream 'rich tourist' is even worse.

That said, it's no wonder we were super excited when we came across Lugless a few weeks ago...albeit bummed that we didn't find it sooner. This kind of service could have been a serious life-saver when we were schlepping two backpacks and a "big blue bag" through train stations, airports and security, dodging kids, petty thieves and dog-poop-covered sidewalk tiles en route from France to Spain!

From our experience the process is pretty simple:

  • Pack your bags like you were boarding a plane
  • Call to schedule a time and place for pick-up AND drop-off. We recommend using a well-marked or discernible location like a hotel, hostel, business, etc. Online scheduling is available, but we preferred to talk to someone in person.
  •  Arrive at your destination to find your bags waiting!

For long-term travelers who don't know their entire itinerary ahead of time, it's possible to place new orders for shipping labels as you plan, and Lugless can ship everything from backpacks to surfboards. Plus, you don't have to worry about your prized (minimal) belongings getting lost, stolen, or drop-kicked onto the baggage claim belt.

The price depends on the size of your bags, but compared to most airlines, it's often way cheaper than checking your luggage...especially for our readers!

As a fellow Vino Vagabond, Lugless is offering you 5% off your order! Just give them this code when you book: 462DFY

To schedule a shipping date for your bags, view pricing, or chat with a "Luggage Concierge", check out their website:  www.lugless.com


***A quick note for our traveling wine lovers:  At this time, Lugless is NOT set up to ship wine or alcohol, BUT they do hope to offer that service in the future (in case any of you actually hold on to your wine that long...we certainly don't!)




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