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We're Jeff & Brittany, two wine-loving travelers (or travel-loving wine-Os depending on the day!) and here you'll find the ins and outs of our journey. We share our best travel tips and must see locations, under the radar wines, hidden restaurants, and hints to taste wine like a pro across the globe. So, fellow Vino Vagabond, grab a glass (or two) and lets hit the road! Cheers!

Getting Our Feet Wet and Lips Purple in Buenos Aires

Getting Our Feet Wet and Lips Purple in Buenos Aires


The time we spent in Napa Valley opened our eyes to the intricacies of California wine, winemaking, and under-the-radar producers, and we want our time in Argentina's wine regions to bring forth a similar depth of understanding.         The best way for us to do this is to start popping corks!      


Since we are travelers on a budget and just starting down the rabbit-hole of Argentine wine, we've started our adventure with wines at lower price points ($8-28 AR or $2-7 US) and will gradually work our way up the price scale.  These are the wines we've tasted so far:    

Torrontes (Argentina's main white wine)    




While bottled under the same bodega, these wines couldn't be more different from each other.     

We loved the 2009 Michel Torino Torrontes and thought the crisp, floral notes and light minerality went perfectly with the savory tuna and vegetable pasta we had for dinner.  However, we thought the 'Elementos' was downright awful. It tasted like lemon laundry detergent and we didn't even finish our first glass.     



  • 2010 Aberdeen Angus, Malbec, Mendoza ($12 AR)
  • 2009 Alma Mora Malbec, Mendoza ($21 AR)
  • 2009 Catena 'Alamos' Malbec, Mendoza 375mL ($22 AR)
  • 2009 Rutini Wines 'Trumpeter'  Malbec, Mendoza 375mL ($28 AR)
  • 2010 Callia Alta  Malbec, Mendoza ($24 AR)
  • 2010 Trapiche 'Origen' Malbec, Valle de Uco, Mendoza ($22 AR)



The Trapiche 'Origen' Malbec was our favorite Malbec so far and was much richer and full-bodied that the rest.  The others, while tasty, were all very similar to each other: easy to drink with bright, baked berry fruit on the nose and soft, silky tannins, raspberry and mild spice on the finish.   

Having fully whet our appetite with these entry-level whites and reds, we've decided its time to broaden our selections and search for that sweet spot where price and quality balance.       


Will there be a drastic increase in the level of complexity and flavor from  wines with a higher price tag? What will we find in Mendoza that we haven't seen in Buenos Aires? Will we discover a wealth of hidden gems or more of the same wines we've tasted already? We shall keep tasting and find out!      


Any favorites from Patagonia or Mendoza we absolutely can't miss? Any curiosities? Let us know!

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